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By CARE II | 20 November 2019 | 0 Comments

Why CARE II Celebrates the BLACK FRIDAY with 30% Off?

This blog is about:
1.Everything You Need to Know About CARE II RENEWAL Facial Cleansing Massager
2. Reviews on Renewal Facial Cleansing Brush from part of CARE II’s customers

Who Are We?
CARE II is a professional designer & producer of the portable beauty instruments and personal care device in China. Offering premium quality products with the series of skin care, body care, foot care, dental care, etc. 

Why Choose CARE II RENEWAL Facial Cleansing Brush to Do BLACK FRIDAY Campaign?

-Most welcome product in our store
-Nearly all positive feedbacks from our customers
-Multi-functions with very reasonable price
-FDA Silicone & CE & ROHS certificates, super safe to use

Below are some Reviews from customers

Review 1 from Lorena in Spain by video

On to her thoughts:
It’s super soft. I love its silicone material. It has two sides to clean your face, and the top of the brush is different dense for the nose. Highly recommend.

Review 2 from Christopher in Canada by video

On to his thoughts:

I really like how it feels, it’s the perfect Amount of vibration. I don’t feel the sensation of it stripping my skin, it just makes my cleansing ritual so much easier.

Review 3 from Federica in Italy by video

On to her thoughts:
Leaves my skin feeling fresh, and soft. I think it is giving my face a deeper clean than just using my hands.

Review 4 from Tanya in USA by Blog, the link is here.

On to her thoughts:
I really enjoy this facial cleansing massager! It allows me to pamper myself a little bit like I am at a spa. I love that it's waterproof and has 8 different massaging speeds. Charging is a breeze and the charge lasts for a really long time. I have used it a handful of times and its still going strong. My face feels squeaky clean after using it! I haven't tried the more expensive massagers but I feel like this one is well worth the price.

And below are some comments just left on our Renewal facial cleansing massager page:
As soon as I received it, I tried it out.
Comes with precise, easy instructions.
The silicone bristles are very soft and they rinse right off. Intensity settings are variable and steady. I didn't even charge it before my first use - I wanted to see how long it would last. It massages the cleanser into your skin and exfoliates all the dead skin off.

I love this scrubber! I bought it on August 20th and I haven’t even charged it yet and it has just as much power as when it arrived. My roommate has the name brand $139 one (FOREO) and the only difference is that the little rubber scrubbies are a bit softer on the expensive one and it feels a bit heavier but it isnt a significant difference. My pores have reduced in size and I actually use less face wash because it lathers the products so well. Every time I use it I think about leave a review so here we are!

I didn't think I could use one of these, as my skin is super sensitive and I have to be extremely careful about exfoliation. But I was always curious, I picked one up. I love it! It's so gentle, and my skin has never felt so clean as when I use this. Now, my skin is still super sensitive, so it is not an everyday use for me. I use it once or twice a week, and that's enough for me. Love it.

I've only had the RENEWAL for about 2 weeks now and I definitely like it. My face feels so much softer than it did before. An awesome thing I didn't expect was that my face is significantly less oily at the end of the day. Normally, my face is really oily but I have nothing to wipe off at the end of the day. It's pretty awesome.
The battery life is really good! I didn't even charge it when I first got it and I just had to charge it the night before last. I can imagine that making it really easy to travel with it.

Our customers are willing to share with others that they left lots of comments on our facial cleansing’s page, you can go there to read more:)
Why so many customers love our RENEWAL facial cleansing brush? Here is everything you need to know about CARE II RENEWAL Facial Cleansing Massager.

Advantages and Functions:
1.T-sonic technology
2.10,000 pulsations per minute
3.FDA silicone (Medical grade silicone, resistant bacteria and allergy), which means super soft and very safe to use, make it up to 35 times more hygienic than standard bushes, won’t hurt your skin.
4.30 HS, super soft, make you feel very good
5.CE, ROHS certificates
6.Long-lasting battery, high quality rechargeable lithium battery supports super long time use – it’s possible to use for 3-4 months by charging for 2 hours.
7.Perfect for travel or business trip, very small to portable
8.8 Adjustable level speeds, customize your cleansing experience
9.100% waterproof, IPX7 Class that make you use it in any wet conditions

10.Clean your face:
- Remove up to 99.5% of dirt and oil
- Exfoliate dead skin
- Shrink pores
- Fight acne
- Accelerate skin's blood micro-circulation
- Restore skin's elasticity and firmness
- Make skin healthier and smother   
11.Massage your face:
- Relax facial muscles
- Relieve fatigue
- Reduce fine lines
- Reduce wrinkles
- Slim face
- Accelerate skin's blood micro-circulation


See, we deserve to celebrate the best way we know how: shopping.
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Valid Date: Nov.28 to Nov.30
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