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How to Get Glowing Skin? You Only Need to Follow TWO Steps Simply.

Having healthy and glowing skin will make us look younger and more beautiful, which is what we all dream of. But how can we get glowing skin?
CARE II believes that, firstly, we must figure out the reasons why our skin is not smooth and glowing, then the right medicine can be prescribed!
                  The Reasons That Our Skin Is Not Smooth and Glowing
  1. Why our skin is not smooth? Figure the reasons out!
There are keratinocytes in the surface of our epidermis, which is the outmost layer of our skin, then what are they in the surface of the stratum corneum? They are detached glial cells, dust impurities and secreted oil. If the oil secretion of our skin is strong, and at the same time, the metabolism of our surface skin has problems, then the micro acnes will form which cause the uneven skin surface.
  1. Why our skin is not glowing and lack of water? The secrets are here!
On the one hand, large pores are another problem, in addition to the micro acnes on the surface of the skin. Those micro acnes and large pores look like small stones and small pits on the flat ground, which will cause the light to refract under the sunlight, to reduce the skin’s gloss.
On the other hand, the gap between the epidermal cells will be relatively large and the cells self can’t be closely connected if the skin is dehydrated. Moreover, the luster of the skin will be affected if the skin surface is not lubricated sufficiently.
Therefore, the gloss of the skin is closely related to the water/moisture content of the skin and the metabolism of the surface of the skin. To make your skin bright and glowing, you should not only remove the "small stones" on the surface of the skin, pay attention to exfoliation, reduce the formation of micro-acne, but also fill the "small pits" on the surface of the skin, that is, the large pores.
What should we do then to get glowing skin after we’ve figure out the reasons? All we need to do is to let the skin drink enough water, and give it a layer of effective protective oil.
        For Our Daily Skincare, There Are Two Tasks That We Need to Complete
  1. Remove keratin, dust and grease, that is to cleanse your skin;
  2. Tighten the pores, avoid the shortage of moisture, that is to hydrate and moisturize your skin.
The steps are following:  

1.How to clean the skin deeply?

1) The makeup should be removed thoroughly. 

remove the eye shadow, then remove the lip makeup, the last is the face makeup. Surely that we should select good remover according to your skin. Here I’d like to introduce CARE II Positive & Negative Ions device, which can help to remove the dirt and residues by opening up the pores and penetrating into the dermis layer.

2) We should find out the perfect facial cleanser according to our skin before we start to wash our face.Such as, we should use cleansing lotion with strong oil removal effect if our skin is oily, and if our skin is dry, we should use a milder facial cleanser because it won't hurt our skin. The plant-based cleanser is not irritating to the skin and is suitable for all skin types.

3) The right face washing method we should know.Firstly, wet our face with warm water, squeeze the cleaning cream to your hand, pull out the foam with our hands, and then apply the foam to our face.
Massage mildly our face with fingers for two minutes, then rinse with water. Rinse our face with cold water, which can shrink the pores.
The CARE II RENEWAL Facial Cleansing Brush is highly recommended. Because it’s not only can wash our face clean, but also can massage our face gently. Some functions are here below:
-Remove up to 99.5% of dirt and oil
-Exfoliate dead skin
-Shrink pores
-Fight acne
-Accelerate skin's blood micro-circulation
-Restore skin's elasticity and firmness
-Make skin healthier and smother
2. How to hydrate and moisturize the skin?
1) Drink enough water every day, that is to keep drinking six 8-ounce glasses water every day. Water can nourish the skin and detoxify.
2) Select daily skincare products according to our skin type, such as toner, essence and lotion. And sometimes it’s necessary to do masks.
Talking to the masks, there is another good device for all of us, FACIAL MASK ESSENCE INTRODUCTOR which can help absorb the essence easily and fully.

See, it's easy to take care of your skin, and to get the glowing skin if you follow the steps above everyday!

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